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  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    Sticky Brick Labs
    :fire: Olivetree JR :fire:


    One Sexy Ass JR
  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    I really like the look of the Jr. I don't think I'd need the larger Sticky Brick as I own a Daisy and Lilly both In walnut, however some of my friends would be interested as they where upset about the company going out of business and no longer being able to purchase a Daisy!

    Are you able to make a comparison between your Sticky Brick/Stick Brick Junior and the Lilly or Daisy at all? They do look very similar especially the original Sticky Brick and the Daisy!

    All the best,

  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    Hey Everyone Slow Draw here, company Rep for Sticky Brick Labs.
    I want to introduce to you the Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer. It is a butane powered portable on demand convection vaporizer.
    Here is a video of the unit.

    This unit is coming soon.

    We have a different bigger unit available for retail currently called simply, The Sticky Brick.
    I'm not on this forum much but people should know all the options that are out there.
    Please check out Stickybricklabs.com

    P.S. Vape Critic please contact me.
  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    Hey Aj85

    I can't really compare the units personally, but the feedback from customers who own both the Daisy and the Sticky Brick units have been very positive. I'm sure your friends will be more than happy with their Sticky Brick.

    The Sticky Brick Junior is still in Beta testing phase and will be coming soon once we are happy with everything.

    Hope this info helps!

    Slow Draw
  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    hey Slow Draw, I now completely understand and applaud you for the position you've taken. I didn't realise at first you now work for Sticky Brick labs. Congrats on the new job.

    I wasn't actually 100% sure I had seen that you owned both but I'll definitely go to FC and read through the Sticky Brick thread for any comparisons.

    Thanks again for all the info.

    All the best,

  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    Here you go Flipz....good thread on FC....looks like it'll be out on Labor Day, $150...think I'll pick one up.

  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    "Nice video and pretty neat looking vaporizer. I don't know much about it besides the video ATM but def am interested to hear about it. Do you have a ETA on that or any vape yet?"
    The Sticky Brick Junior is still in beta testing phase, but is planned for release labor day September 5th. Retail will be $149.95 USD
    The Original Sticky Brick is available now at
    Www.Stickybricklabs.com and also available at puffitup.com

    Hope this helps!

    Edit: thank you
  • My Sticky Brick Review - Junior & HydroBrick Maxx

    Sticky Brick Jr. or Vapman Station? this question was plaguing me the last few days. Ultimately, Buds review, great customer service from the 'Lab' (@SlowDrawMG), and a fabulous community online on par with Vapman. not to mention, that same community couldn't even tell me that the Sticky Brick Jr. was 'better' than Vapman, only that its equally as great, just 'different'. convection, vs conduction, etc. which to me sounded like it deserved a place in my collection.

    I would that i had learned of these bricks sooner. i wouldn't have wasted money on my CFV.
    ... So yea, i have a SBJr on the way!! i've been patient waiting on the station. That'll be my next toy!

    @Sue i hear the S&B dosing capsules are a perfect fit. have you tried using them??
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    @voyciz all of the Sticky Bricks that I've tried are awesome vapes and are all delicious.

    As @Baron23 mentioned, the SBJ is very easy to handle.

    Not that any of them aren't, but I do consider the OG and the Hydros to be desktop units. The OG is really sharp but the large mouthpiece needs to be stored somewhere else if you're going to close the brick.

    But there is something about the use and flavor of the Junior that sets it apart for me.

    If I were to add to my SBL lineup, it would probably be the Hydrobrick Maxx since I could then use it dry. If my only option with a Sticky Brick was through water, I'd be losing a bit of my favorite thing about it which is the flavor.

    You can't go wrong with any of them though. They are all very heavy hitters and fun to use.
  • Sticky Brick Labs After Thanksgiving Sale

    Hey Vape life Family

    Sticky Brick Labs will be having a Black Friday Sale!!

    - 20% off everything at www.StickyBrickLabs.com
    - Free Intake and Mp for every OG Sticky Brick purchase (while supplies last.)
    - Starts Black Friday 12am EST and ends on Saturday 12am EST.
    - No special Code needed it will be automatic on the entire website.

    We appreciate all the support everyone has shown us.

    Have a great day everyone.
  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    sorry I only asked for a comparison as I could of sworn that you had said somewhere (FC maybe?, not this forum though) that you owned both the Daisy and Sticky Brick and so far the only difference I know is that SB is said to have stronger magnets. Lol. Thanks for the info it's a very interesting unit and I love my Daisy so this looks good as well. I'll be sure to look into it further especially when the Jr is available.

    Thanks again.

    All the best,

  • Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    I will do my best to bring all info here.
    New promo shot of the Sticky Brick Junior in action. Enjoy!
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    ! No kidding !

    I think it looks great - understated and elegant,

    @Cl4ud3 has the real knockout beauty.

    Anybody else have particularly beautiful Sticky Brick? If so, post up some pics, yeah? X-)

    P.S. -
    picked up an OG sticky brick in cherry.Philly
    How about posting a picture?
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    Sticky Brick Junior is their butane powered portable vape. Measuring in at 4.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. A little small than the Mighty.

    The OG Brick doesn't have a covered top. It's bigger also. Less Portable.

    Junior with top on...

    OG Brick...
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    I’m only seeing this now, sorry dude.

    Ok first things first, if you’re not getting big dirty clouds you are over thinking it and doing some wrong, the JR is quite up close to your face so it’s difficult to judge what’s happening.

    The charring, that’s from sticking the torch flame too far inside the intake while drawing too fast, witch then chars the middle of your bowl. The bowl should still be green after 2 big cloud Rips. My bowl is dry and dark brown only really on my last Rip. The process is a complete balancing act.

    You will notice a certain sound when you are Riding the Vapor of the flame being in the sweet spot. The flame should be powerful enough that you never need it to be inside the intake! So with a fresh bowl “1/4full” ignite totch, from a good distance approach intake with heat but allow the shear force of the flame to push air through your chamber and just pull slowly until you feel vapor, then just keep going and slowing accelerating through the Rip.

    If you inhail now with your mouth open you can take in shit loads of air, but do it again with your lips making a small hole ? Notice you crate a nice flow of concentrated air, yeah that’s the speed of draws that get me huge Rips, the faster you draw the cooler your making the bowl.

    Don’t over complicate it, look at the design of all SBL products, straight to the point without Anything complicated what so ever and that’s 100% True for using it.

    This video is the best, it also demonstrates how Sticky Bricks are one of the most instant vapor producing unit out there imo.

    Even though you don’t get to see more of his torch work, it does show you how 3/4 seconds of your torch can get you a very big Rip and that’s important to understand, everything is instantly happening.

    “Power is nothing without control”

    With regards to heating the chamber you will need to be able to use it first before you can start messing with changing draw speeds mid Rip but it’s also a small leading curve.

    I’m currently experiencing in building all the vapor in my OG first then inhailing it all and using micro draws and with no combustion. I’m definitely starting to understand combustion with a Sticky Brick in a more 3D way :fire:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    It's about 3,4 months i use the vapcap, After Reading your post i take my lovely brick and shit you're right, sticky brick hit Like a truck and i don't remembered it's so tasty!
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    I've had it for a few weeks now, and I come from the experience of a couple of electronic vaporizers, and then move on to the dynavap m 2018.
    This nice brick is really aggressive in my opinion, the extraction is done to perfection, complete and without burn marks. I used the advice to "flip" the mouthpiece to increase the distance between the face and the flame. If someone asked me if I like it? Very much flanked and not a substitute for the dynavap M. The sticky brick is a war machine, essential, brutal, effective. On the other hand it does not easily allow minimum dosages and has a rather deep weed compartment.
    The dynavap perhaps remains more adaptable in use, more polite (but no less effective) in the general rendering, and obviously more portable, but this is obvious. I recommend having them both [img]http://se90e1.jpg
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    I purchased my sticky brick yesterday it’s gonna b here on Monday super excited. I have a question should I learn to use my brick with the restricter disc or with out it. The reason I ask this is I think it will mess up my technique. Because once I take it out I will b used to that and most likely combust when using it with out. Correct me if I’m wrong, also any tips would b greatly appreciated.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    if you wanna get into the sticky brick game and spend minimal money, check out what i did on the flip brick thread :nerd:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    Also while in the middle of the Rip i'd let my finger off the Carb Hole for a second and that heats up the chamber.

    I'm new to this heating up the intake "personally" I haven't felt a need to preheat Glass and i don't know what that actually does for the ride? Please don't think i'm knocking this as I’m more intrigued.

    I like to use the sheer power of the flame to start pushing hot air through the vapor path of any sticky brick, then when I feel that connection and start to see vapor appear I then start drawing with a very steady pull making a small hole with my lips as honestly no one needs to be drawing hard at all with these bricks :starstruck:
  • Sticky Brick Labs Sale

    Hey VapeLifers!

    Sticky Brick Labs is having a 20% off Labor Day sale and will be donating 5% of sales to Hurricane Relief Funds! Peace and Love everyone.

  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    Got my sticky brick Jr over two weeks ago. Absolutely love this thing. I'd like to say it's my favourite vape but I may still be in the new vape honeymoon stage. Awesome flavour, hits hard, and i just love how it all fits together and looks.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    I took advantage of black Friday as well and picked up an OG sticky brick in cherry. Really enjoying it.

    Few things I like best:
    - flavor...off the charts
    - For some reason the high is very different then any other vape I have used. Hits me way quicker and heavier. Kinda reminds me of combustion high.
    - insane extraction. I can put the littlest amount in and get cloud after cloud.

    Highly advice this one.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    That's an awesome deal. Really love my sticky brick.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    Anyone want to buy/trade for a sticky brick jr.?
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    One thing I always say to people when starting out with Sticky Brick Products is the small leaning curve require like with most new things, but on top of that you're also going need to dial into your Senses as alot of the getting the perfect Hit requires you to be in tune with what's happening inside while you're surfing that Vapour.

    I lean something new on every Hit :fire:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    One thing I always say to people when starting out with Sticky Brick Products is the small leaning curve require like with most new thingsFuturevapors

    I found it was very helpful to select and stick with one particular lighter as this allowed me to develop a technique (really just where to put the flame) that I can use consistently.

    My only issue is that I still occasionally look and think to myself "there is one small hit left" when there really isn't anything of value and I end up charring the load a bit. Not combustion, just a bit more charred (so, maybe some level of combustion but I don't get that thick smoke like full combustion).

    Glad you are still liking your SB products.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    I mentioned in another thread about going from the Space Case to the Ripper and preferring the finner ground for sticky brick products but yes the edge of the screen does get clogged quicker then course.

    I also find this witch it’s VERY important!
    The finer the grind the easier the Rip is, because the corser the material the easier the Draw, thus less control of the Ride IMO,

    A problem I had with JR once was with super dry course weed and I found it so hard to get a decent Rip, but then I changed weeds and a finer ground and I was back to total control.

    I use fine grind with great results and don’t touch my screen for a good 2 weeks, I’d personally don’t worry about the clog until it’s clogged heavy.

    Really interesting topic! :fire:
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love


    It is so enjoyable to use a sticky brick jr. To find that sweet spot and get that rush of very tasty vapor. In it you will get a subtle hint of the wood mixed in with the herb of your choice. These vapes are completely in your control making them very different than the portable battery vapes and home units. I am always shocked at how thoroughly medicated I get from something so small in size. Best money I ever spent.
  • Sticky Brick Jr. Love

    That's gotta be way too big for a Sticky Brick, man. Check out the video in the first review. :rofl:

    It might work great if you have an Elev8R though!

    And I've felt like throwing almost every butane torch I've ever owned in the woods - they all suck....but I really wish I had woods off my back porch to do something like this. Unfortunately, only neighbors in all directions. :grimace:

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