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  • VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review & Promo Code

    VapeXhale is having a sell up until Halloween - 20% off. They had some other deals but sold out already.
  • VapexHale Evo or D-NAIL setup?

    I'ld like to get a new desktop setup. I'm thinking about either a VapeXhale or splurging on a D-NAIL and rig.

    Any thoughts on this?

    I could get a D-NAIL with a flower attachment but it would be quite expensive. Add to that a rig and nail (or nails) and it really adds up. I'm not sure I'll be dabbing enough to really justify an e-nail setup. The VapeXhale does a decent job with concentrates from what I understand. I just worry that they'll come out with a new unit in the next few months... I know there's already talk of a handheld unit and other potential updates.

    I could see a nice e-nail setup costing over $1k which is a lot compared to the VapeXhale

    Right now I have a 1st gen Firefly.
  • VapeXhale EVO Review

    I decided to go with VapeXhale EVO recently, and so far it's been great. As a device it's very simple, and is able to do both flower and concentrates with equal performance in my opinion.

    Another big contender is the FlowerPot which I considered, but personally it wasn't the right choice at this time. Simplicity is important, and the Flower Pot has quite a few pieces. In smaller places the EVO only has limited pieces, and is simply more compact. Overall it seems much more likely to break your glass with a Flower Pot (although dropping the EVO is almost certain death as well and needs a lot of care), of course I don't mean to talk bad about Flower Pots, as I actually still want one. I'm also not a fan of needing to stir flower, but it's understandable from the design. These were the main reasons I went with the EVO over the Flower Pot.

    For flower the EVO is very efficient, the small amount of herb in the chamber really goes a long way. A big reason I wanted the EVO was the glass nail, and it was worth it. After using it I'm glad to not have gone with any kind of dab rig, I am just amazed by how the EVO does super low temp dabbing... I barely need to go above 12 which is under 400F, and the clouds are incredible relative to the dab size. I was starting out a lot higher, but realized there wasn't much reason to, but it depends on the effects you want, obviously hotter will be more intense.

    The EVO barely needs to be cleaned, I'm still using the same water from when I got it and can't see any change. Dab rigs get disgusting quickly, so this is a huge advantage to me that you only need to clean a small amount of glass overall. I couldn't be more pleased with this desktop vape, and can see exactly why people rave over this thing so much.

    Not much else to say. The design is simply amazing, all glass vapor path, and a vape that can use flower and concentrates equally. The glass nail really makes the liquid pad look like shit, I'll be even more disgruntled using one ever again. The only thing that can compete with this IMO is the Flower Pot, but for my use currently the EVO made a lot more sense.

    The Flower Pot would be easier to do mass dabbing, but that's not something I'm into atm. It would be difficult to use one EVO glass nail for dabbing repeatedly, because after it's hot you would have to take it out to load it again (it would melt quickly as you loaded it). An easy option is to get multiple glass nails which I will be doing (also allows you to pre load multiple dabs), of course the price tag will go up then with a vape that's not cheap to begin with. For users that are more concentrate friendly, this may be a good reason to go with the Flower Pot, it's very much like a dab rig.

    Overall I feel like comparing the Flower Pot and EVO is like comparing a Ferrari with a Lamborghini, you really want them both at the end of the day. The question is which one will you get first?


    Added by @VapeCritic - Check out my VapeXhale EVO review page and watch my full review video below. If you end up ordering one use my promo code STAYUP10 to get 10% off :ok:

  • VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review & Promo Code


    This my friends is one of the best desktop vaporizers I own, it's called the Cloud EVO made by VapeXhale.

    First watch my review video below, then use my promo code STAYUP10 for 10% off one of these from the official VapeXhale store.

    - All glass vapor path* (*except for bowl)
    - Excellent taste / pure flavor
    - Very efficient, works with small amounts of herb
    - Standard 18mm ground glass connection for use with a HydraTube or your own water piece
    - Easy to use, short learning curve
    - Potent vapor / strong effects
    - Big clouds / high vapor production
    - Don't have to vape it all at once, you can take one hit at a time and wait between draws
    - Also works with concentrates if you get the VapeXNail accessory

    - Fragile / must be delicate with glass
    - Temperature control is not precise, only has an analog dial for heat intensity
    - Outer shell gets very hot, must use heat shield they provide
    - Power cord needs to be thinner and longer

    So overall it has a whole bunch of positives and just a few negatives, and I use mine all the time. I've broken two HydraTubes already, so glass really isnt the best for me personally to use on a daily basis, but most people have no problem with this, I'm a big time klutz.

    I currently have this vape rated 95/100 overall, tied with the Volcano.

    Here's the video:

    If you have one or you've tried one let me know what you think about it!
  • VapeXhale and Vriptech Vapor Wand

    Hey Bud, I've been a big fan ever since I discovered your site. I am pretty much sold on the Vapexhale once I can afford it, but it just occurred to me, why haven't you ever reviewed the Vriptech vapor wand? That thing has been around for a while, its made in the USA and its 100% glass vapor pathway as far as I can tell. I totally forgot that thing even existed, but I just came across it online and remembered it.

    Also, what do you think are the possibilities for them to ever develop a glass chamber for the Vapexhale, to replace the stainless steel screen? It seems like it would be very doable, and would eliminate the only metal part of the vapor pathway. Seems like it would be quite popular if the company decided to develop one.
  • Vapexhale Evo New Hydratube alternative

    Has anyone seen the new alternative from Vapexhale for their hydratube? $360 with this "hydra" starter kit

    The full Hydratube is $450 for the starter kit. I'm kind of wanting an EVO from everything I've heard about them, what is everyone's thoughts on the new hydra starter kit.

    For St. Patty's day Vapexhale has a 20% off special on all order FYI.
  • VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review & Promo Code

    Vapexhale sent me a new Hydratube no hassel when the one I bought developed some sort of leak in perc area. They paid shipping and everything.
    Great customer service from them even after they got my money.
    Thanks to Vapexhale
    Thought this info may help someone considering a Evo...
  • Vapexhale Evo New Hydratube alternative

    I did order and recieve a Calyx and I like it a lot.

    Its small, has a very small opening for a MP, and is VERY smooth IMO resulting from less outside air chugging in with the more restricted draw of the Calyx.

    I did have to ask them "how the heck do you fill this sucker" and indeed it needs to be filled for the MP end. A plastic syringe (I have a set I use for various hobbies) worked well to fill it.

    It is NOT very stable on its own and will need a base. I guarantee you that without a base, you will be knocking it over. I had a Hydra Foot from VXH that I bought with my EVO but didn't use with the HT as it was more stable without the dang base. But I still had it and its perfect with the Calyx. However, in their infinite wisdom, VXH discontinued the Hyrdra Foot. Its just an 18 mm male joint standing vertical on a 3-4" base and I would be there are similar items to be had from glass companies.


    Vapor Warehouse seems to still have them in stock and I bet they can be found elsewhere if you really look.

    Or just drill a correct size hole in a block of 2 x 4 and that will work perfectly also.

    I do think I can get bigger hits/denser vapor with my HT, but I am VERY happy with the Calyx and will say again, its noticeably smoother than my Turbine HT.
  • VapeXhale EVO Review

    I got an email RE:Selected products 30% -70% off some products at VapeXHale. It's high (no pun intended) on the Vape Critics review site and has received much praise from Bud and other contributors to this forum. (The Vape Critic Review Site - For Vape X Hale.

    if you go to their website Vape X Hale's Official website

    The coupon codes are listed.

    The Sale Ends Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at midnight.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Vapexhale Hydratube : Which one to choose ?

    Hey all,

    Been following the VapeCritic amazing videos for a while now.

    I'm looking to purchase a Vapexhale Cloud Evo soon, as it looks great, and I've been able to try it out twice, and was amazed both times.

    The one thing I'm having an issue with, it to select an Hydratube : They currently have 3 available, and I can't narrow it down to a single one ..
    They have :

    - The hydrabomb : Probably the best looking one, they describe it as "the easiest one to pull from", which is definitely not my main interest, much more focused on taste and smoothness. Still looks great though ..
    - The honeycomb : I think this is the one I tried, but not 100% sure. Looks less fancy, but described as the "smoothest" one. This is definitely something I'm looking for, but don't want to sacrifice taste/flavor either ..
    - The turbine : Not sure, but I believe this is the latest one they released. Hard to find any info on it, but seems like it spins the vapor around, and is apparently the one that would "give the most flavor to the vapor". This is also something that I'm looking for, but I've read that this one preserved the vapor better mainly because it used less water than the others ... I'm also not sure how efficient is the "turbine" thing vs how much of the "it looks cool so I feel like it's doing something better" effect (especially in the few reviews I found online).

    I think I'm leaning more towards one of the last 2, but am really having a hard time selecting just one, so I was wondering if anyone ever tried or own multiple/all of these hydratube, and if so if you'd have some advice and feedback on which one is your favorite and why.

    Any help would be much appreciated,

    Thanks, and stay elevated !

    Ps : they have a pretty sweet sale going on for their 3year anniversary right now. Tempted to pull the trigger on this, but also wondering if they won't be making a better deal in a month with Black Friday. I could deal with waiting a bit longer for a better deal, but don't want to be too greedy and miss this one. Any advice on this ?
  • Vapexhale Mini Hydratubes

    Hey guys, I just got myself a cloud evo for Christmas a few weeks ago and Have been looking for comparisons of the mini hydratubes versus the larger ones. Does anyone have any experience? I'm looking to getting the strongest hits without feeling much resistance so I would assume the hydrabomb would be for me but I emailed vapexhale and this is what they said.
    "The mini's will have a more precise hit, so they will draw more directly from the EVO. The standard sized ones will take more draw to fill the larger chamber etc.

    The main difference is going to be the minis are much more stable when sitting on top of the EVO. The standard sized Hydratubes are a little tip friendly.

    I would say the mini's hit a little easier in general"
    So it seems like the minis are an improvement to some degree, although I'm not sure what " a more precise hit" means. but idk my logic tells me I'd better a bigger hit from the bigger hydratube. I wonder if the hit would be as smooth on the minis , maybe it tastes better?What do you guys think? I asked bud but haven't gotten a response so I figured I'd reach out before buying one. I like the dry mouth piece actually but I'm dying to get my hydratube!
  • VapeXhale EVO - Great for parents

    First things first, The Cloud Evo is a safe, clean machine. I love it’s versatility to handle concentrates and herb. For me, smoking a whole bong can hurt my throat. Luckily I can pack my Evo and enjoy my hits tasting fresh instead of burnt. The concentrate function too, works just like a banger and rig! It hits super smooth and gives you nice flavorful clouds.
    Now, as a parent and a stay at home mom, I have really enjoyed this device. The system itself is electrical, so no need for torches and lighters. With a curious 2 year old boy roaming the house it’s a huge relief to stand up from a sesh and nothing is left hot for little hands to explore. It’s also super easy to clean and maintain! Like, stupid easy. There’s zero ash or resin left behind because you’re vaporizing the cannabis, not burning it. And the temp dial has a cleaning setting at the end. I use that after every dab sesh for those concentrate tubes so they don’t chazz up and go black.
    I am very proud to use this everyday and to a part of Team vapexhale

  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo - Whistling and not vaping all material. Help?

    The turbine hydratube doesn't need too much water, somewhere around here should be ok


    About the issue your having, think I'll wait to hear from @VapeCritic on this one. Never ran into that problem myself but if anyone could help, it'd be him.

    Others may have some thoughts and suggestions which is fine... just know that Bud has a excessive amount of experience using the VapeXhale.
  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo - Whistling and not vaping all material. Help?

    Have you reached out to VapeXhale directly? Just curious if so, what was their response? Thanks.
  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo - Whistling and not vaping all material. Help?

    Cool glad it's not cracked, but not glad the issue persists :’(

    Very weird indeed, first thing that came to mind was maybe you're packing too tight, but then you said you don't so hmmmm

    This is such an odd issue, I suppose a next step would be to contact VapeX about it

    Do this, send them an email and briefly explain the issue, then put a link to this page and say that VapeCritic sent you because he can't figure it out, and he had me do the standard glass test.

    Post back what happens and if I have to test it myself I will!
  • VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review & Promo Code

    What type of whip are you using with the Vapexhale Cloud Evo?
  • VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review & Promo Code

    great 3 year anniversary sale on at the moment. Crazy low prices...

    sadly not for for European power though.

    It's very hard to get any sort of vapeXhale accessories in some overseas regions.
  • VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review & Promo Code

    The VapeXhale site has a coupon code right now for 100.00 off, and it's good for 6 months.
  • VapeXhale EVO Review

    @Cuckfumbustion @Bruce I've never seen a fake Evo but am now curious about them - do you have any links to these known fakes?

    I've just emailed my S/N to VapeXhale to verify authenticity.
    I paid £180 for mine which came with the Precision Turbine. It was on offer at for £224 In May last year but I had a 20% discount voucher which I applied to that.
    Yeah I know it's "too good to be true" but there you have it :smile:
  • VapeXhale and Vriptech Vapor Wand

    @beezee420 Hi yea it still works great i use vapexhale and vrip wand and they vaporizers are amazing for me i really reccomend it : )
  • VapeXhale EVO Review

    i thought my evo produce a lot of steam but is not so tasty!
    after 3 months heavy use i cleaned the bamboo the first time......... :lol: :rofl:
    now i know the vapexhale is tasty very tasty :razz:
    now i´ll clean it every week and never use it for concentrates again! (i swear)
  • EVO by VapeXhale

    Model: EVO Vaporizer
    Category: Desktop
    Manufacturer: VapeXhale
    Where to buy: Official VapeXhale Store *see deals page for 10% off code

    Existing EVO discussions you should check out:

    @VapeCritic's VapeXhale EVO Vaporizer Review

    This will now be the main thread for all chat about the EVO :100:

  • Considering selling my VapeXhale for a Chongs Choice Herbalizer is this Wise?

    Hello everyone my name is Tim I just found this site and figured why not ask the question here. I have owned and loved the VapeXhale but I do miss having a bag and whip vaporizer which makes Herbalizer appealing. I previously owned a Extreme Q before the VapeXhale. But would it be worth hanging onto the VapeXhale until maybe an even better vaporizer comes out on the market? I just read the other thread about a new portable vaporizer that might go against the mighty? Anyway all advice welcome. Thanks

    I would like to mention I did come up with a way to make bags with the VapeXhale Cloud Evo and it works pretty well I think the mighty makes me want a digital temp another reason... any idea if there will be a digital Vapexhale?

  • Ready to pull trigger on E-nano or VapeXhale EVO - need some help

    HI Jen - nope, I don't have the DHGate copy. I have a VapeXhale Turbine and got it on Black Friday sale for maybe $50 off (might want to wait until 4/20 sale...sure to be one).

    So, first of all consider a VXH HT second and save about $100:


    Sunshine Store and SteveLMZ79 are reputed to be reliable DHGate glass suppliers, but I can only say this by reputation, I have not bought anything from them.

    Here is one of Sunshine Store's HT on DHGate for about $40 incl shipping. I do know people who like Sunshine Store

    Here is all of Sunshine Store's HT's:

    Here is StevenLMZ79's HT for $30:

    I would expect that the main defect you will see with seconds and DHGate stuff is that the piece may be a bit wobbly when set down on a flat surface. I have no heard about any joint fit issues, but that's always possible.

    If you need to stretch your money, either VXH 2nds or DHGate glass is a reasonable approach but you are taking a small risk that there will be a defect more than you are willing to accept.

    Hope this was helpful.
  • Considering selling my VapeXhale for a Chongs Choice Herbalizer is this Wise?

    Hey man thanks for getting back to me I appreciate it. Well it isn't all about balloon vaping for me. I guess I should explain myself a bit better with a revised question...

    Does the fan assist, balloon option, digital temp and heating element (a light bulb right?) and any other feature I maybe forgetting make it a better vaporizer then the VapeXhale?

    Reasons I love the VapeXhale, its powerful , All Glass Airway no plastic at all. I can use it on lots of different glass pieces with ease and with adapters etc to make it work... I love bong vaping the most. I like the idea of hooking up the herbalizer via whip to glass bong and then turning fan assist on but maybe its not worth it for just that little feature.

    I definitely like S&B product, owning the mighty I have been real happy with it and definitely wouldn't mind waiting for a desktop unit from them. But don't tease me now haha

    I would consider the volcano if I just had the cash and could keep the VapeXhale too but the fact is only a Balloon vape with no addition features at that $$$ level makes me want to pass on it I wouldn't sell my VapeXhale for a Volcano I almost feel like it would be a downgrade.

    Yeah I imagine the money was the factor not to go digital. I almost want to maybe try and reverse engineer it and see if I could solder in a digital temp gauge to give out a temp reading to get more precise with it.
  • Using VapeXhale EVO Hydrotubes on Arizer Extreme-Q with adapter?

    Hi guys

    I'm new to this forum and after gaining my very own case of Portable VAS I am looking to dive into the big boy world of desktop vapes.

    My first choice is the Vapexhale Cloud Evo with a hydrotube which would cost around £350. I could hopefully afford this at the end of next month. Now, I am impatient and have been looking at the Airizer Extreme Q or V Tower and was wondering, if you get an adapter which i think is about £10, could you use the hydrotubes on this and would it compare to the Vapexhale? The V tower with adapter and hydrotube would cost about £200

    Now I know the smart thing is to wait and go for the Vapexhale but I could order the Extreme Q now and patience is not one of my strong points! I was just wondering if anyone has done this or used both and could give me some info.

  • Best glass piece for VapeXHale CLoud Evo?

    I think any of the 3 hydratubes from vapexhale are a great addition to have with the cloud.

    Personally I have used/tried the Vapexhale Turbine and HydraBomb with the cloud and both are awesome. I would say I use the HydraBomb most frequent because it's the easiest one to draw from. The turbine I believe gives a lil more flavor but is a little harder to draw from.

    In conclusion, the vapexhale is great and whichever glass tube you decide on... you won't be disappointed whether using for herbs/concentrates.

    Take it easy
  • ORIGINAL VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    I've been going through boxes I stored away when I moved and I'm unpacking my older vapes in the process... In 2012 I bought the original VapeXhale Cloud EVO and it was actually a different unit than what's sold today, I'm not sure how many people are aware of this fun fact.

    Originally it was a full metal case on the outside and it had weight to it, and the internal heater was engineered differently as well.

    Something happened with one of their manufacturers at the time and they somehow for some reason were forced to change the design.

    Funny thing is, aside from how it looks and feels, the difference in performance is negligible, and the original unit took about 10 minutes to heat-up compared to about 3 mins with the new one.

    Check it out:

  • Undesiced between Volcano,Plenty or Vapexhale

    The black Friday discount from VapeXhale is very attractive too, what it makes it more difficult to choose, I wonder If should buy the Plenty and the VapeXhale, I think I deserve a good Christmas gift lol.
  • Ready to pull trigger on E-nano or VapeXhale EVO - need some help

    Following this with keen interest. My next purchase will be a desktop unit, and I was looking closely at the Evo. Have you see Ed's TNT log style vape? I think it's just being tested now, but it looks interesting too. Damn the choices!

    @Baron23 Do you have the vapexhale knockoff from DHGate? I just got it from Sunshine Store, and I'm curious if it's that inferior to the real deal from Vapexhale. If I were to go that route, I could save some money by just getting the basic kit with mouthpiece....

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