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  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco

    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

    Ballon und Direktinhalation
    Verdampfungstemperatur gradgenau regelbar 40°C-230°C
    App mit Zusatzfunktionen
    Schnelleres aufheizen ~ 40 Sekunden
    Abnehmbares Netzkabel
    Made in Germany
    Die Volcano Familie bekommt Zuwachs und mit der Möglichkeit der Direktinhalation auch eine lang erwartetes Update. Die Direktinhalation hat verschiedene Vorteile wie z.b. die Möglichkeit hat den Volcano nachts oder beim Filme schauen geräuschlos zu benutzen. Da man den Durchzug bei der Direktinhalation selbst bestimmt hat man mit dem Volcano Hybrid neben der Temperatur noch eine weitere Möglichkeit auf Geschmack und Dampfdichte Einfluss zu nehmen. Auch ist mit dem Volcano Hybrid endlich das "Freihändige" dampfen z.b. beim Zocken möglich.
    Natürlich bringt der Hybrid auch alle Features des Volcano Digit wie die unübertroffene Balloninhalation und die Echtzeitanzeige der Soll- und Ist-Temperatur mit. Das bewährte Volcano Doppelhelix Heizelement findet sich auch im Volcano hybrid, wurde aber Leistungsmäßig aufgestockt, sodass der Hybrid in nur noch ca. 40 Sekunden bereit zum Dampfen ist. Mit den verschleißfreien und reinigungs-freundlichen Touch tasten gehören klebrige Tasten jetzt der Vergangenheit an.

    Die neu Entwickelte Mighty Hybrid App erlaubt es nicht nur Temperatur und Pumpe vom Smartphone zu steuern und einzustellen. Endlich gibt es auch eine Möglichkeit einen über die App einstellbaren Abschalttimer zu nutzen Energie zu sparen, wenn man nach der Session vergisst die Heizung zu deaktivieren. Mittels konfigurierbarer Workflows kann man sich eigene Temperaturabfolgen erstellen, damit man die Temperatur während einer Session nicht mehr von Hand ändern muss.

    Erstmals bei einem Storz & Bickel Vaporizer werden auch Firmware Aktualisierungen möglich sein.

    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
    Schlauchsystem für Direktinhalation
    4 Ballons davon einer, der selbst neu mit Ballonschlauch bestückt werden kann
    Hybrid- Kammersystem
    1 Konzentrat-Tropfkissen
    Siebset + Pinsel
    olcano Hybrid Vaporizer

    Balloon and direct inhalation
    Evaporation temperature adjustable to the degree 40 ° C-230 ° C
    App with additional functions
    Heat up faster ~ 40 seconds
    Detachable power cord
    Made in Germany
    The Volcano family is growing and with the possibility of direct inhalation also a long awaited update. Direct inhalation has several advantages, such as: The possibility to use the Volcano at night or while watching movies silently. Since you have determined the passage in the direct inhalation itself with the Volcano Hybrid next to the temperature yet another way to take on flavor and vapor density influence. Also, with the Volcano Hybrid finally the "hands-free" steaming z.b. while playing possible.
    Of course, the hybrid also brings all the features of the Volcano Digit like the unsurpassed balloon inhalation and the real-time display of the target and actual temperature. The proven Volcano double helix heating element is also found in the Volcano hybrid, but was increased in performance, so that the hybrid is ready for steaming in only about 40 seconds. With the wear-free and easy-to-clean touch buttons sticky buttons are now a thing of the past.

    The newly developed Mighty Hybrid app not only allows you to control and adjust the temperature and pump of your smartphone. Finally, there is also a way to use a via the app adjustable shutdown timer to save energy, if you forget after the session to turn off the heating. Configurable workflows allow you to create your own temperature sequences so you do not have to change the temperature manually during a session.

    For the first time with a Storz & Bickel vaporizer firmware updates will be possible.

    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
    Hose system for direct inhalation
    4 balloons one of which can be re-equipped with balloon hose
    Hybrid chamber system
    1 concentrate drip pad
    Sieve set + brush
    power cable
  • Volcano or Plenty? Or Neither?

    Volcano for sure, you can use as much material as u want, it doesn't have to be packed full, you could put 1 little leaf in there and it will vape it, the beauty of convection
  • Volcano Digital review

    Volcano is just an amazing unit. The only thing I wish is that the bags were silent.
  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco

    That's very interesting because we can finally see the upgrade list. More than we anticipated, but enough?? Let's see:

    Copy/paste/Google-translated from that same page:

    Volcano Hybrid - reinventing an icon
    The new Volcano Hybrid combines the classic balloon system of the Volcano with the possibility to directly connect a hose system. We introduce you to the new features and have already tested the hybrid of course.

    What's new in the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer at a glance
    One device - two systems:
    The Volcano Hybrid is a convection desktop vaporizer that you can either use with the classic balloon system or the new tube system. Proven design with sophisticated functions and excellent steam quality from Storz & Bickel.

    With the rotatable hose system, the Volcano Hybrid now has a new method to inhale the steam. Since the airflow has been improved, the pump does not need to be actuated. Your traction and your lung volume determines the amount of vapor inhaled. Thus, it is possible to adapt the Volcano Hybrid even more closely to personal habits.

    Digital display with touch function:
    Storz & Bickel has improved the usability of the hybrid with a touch display. This is especially for people who have difficulty pressing buttons because of illness. It has never been so easy to serve the Volcano. The basic functions of the display have not changed. This guarantees an easy start, if you know the old Volcano. But otherwise the operation is easy to learn.

    Improved heating time:
    Equipped with an improved double helix heat exchanger, the Volcano is ready in just under 40 seconds.

    The App of Storz & Bickel
    The Volcano Hybrid comes with an app to control important functions conveniently from your smartphone. You can use it:

    Activate or deactivate heating and pump
    Update firmware
    Save the serial number for quick access
    Set the automatic shutdown timer
    Personalize the settings
    Create workflows

    1 x Volcano Hybrid incl. Instructions in D, FR, ES, Eng
    3 x Easy Valve balloon with mouthpiece
    1 x Easy Valve balloon with adapter ring (balloon change possible)
    1 x hose system
    1 x herbal grinder
    1 x filling chamber for herbs incl. 3 retaining clips
    6 x reserve sieves
    1 x drip cushion (oils evaporate)
    1 x cleaning brush
    Made in Germany

    Storz & Bickel have taken their time and the result speaks for itself. The new Volcano Hybrid is very easy to use and a very good choice for patients. The various settings via app are sufficient. We were particularly impressed by the new hose system. With it you can adjust your dosage even more precisely because you do not need the pump and really only inhale the amount you want. Anyone who already owns a Volcano does not necessarily have to access it here. Anyone who has been thinking of getting into a Volcano for some time now is well served with the new version and gets one of the best table vaporizers on the market with new useful features and improvements.
  • Volcano Hybrid Review w/ Classic Comparison

    I was lent a Volcano Hybrid to try out and here are my impressions.

    TL;DR – I love the added conduction…it works…and I love the whip. I think the Hybrid would have been a great replacement for the Digit at the same price as the Digit. But sadly, that’s not the case.

    1. Unboxing – fuggedaboutit. If I have to look at another unboxing vid I will scream. It comes boxed very nicely by S&B. What else do you want to know

    2. What you Get – The Volcano, power cord, four bags, a whip, the chamber, some replacement screens, o-rings, and air filters.

    3. Construction and Material Quality – this is still an S&B Volcano….it’s built like a brick outhouse. It feels like the very same construction as all other Volcanos. That is, professional and well done. Like all Volcanos, if you shake it you can hear the air pump bang around a bit…this is on purpose, I believe. Apparently its shock mounted and given some room to flex about rather than break. There are few areas of note regarding construction and material quality:

    • a. Power Cord - the Hybrid comes with a removable power cord. This is welcomed as it makes putting the dang thing away a bit easier and neater. However, the OG, permanently attached power cords were very heavy duty with what feels like a lot of copper in there. Good and heavy provokes confidence IMO, but it also kinked over time (well mine did) and it is fairly unruly to store away. The new cord is much more like a heavy duty lamp cord. So far, no issues but just something to note.
    • b. Whip Material - not sure WTF this is made of. If its silicone then it feels different to the hand that all other silicone tubing I have handled. On the other hand, it does not pick up dust and lint like almost all other silicone tubing I have handled. No smell but I’m not very sensitive to that stuff.
    • c. Chamber rings – Ok, they are plastic. And, it is a ring held off from the central chamber portion by plastic spokes. It feels very light weight, however, it didn’t feel at all flimsy to me and it did the intended job of keeping heat away from your fingers. With the Hybrid’s added conduction component, the core of the oven gets really dang hot. No way that the old design would work…that stuff would be scorching. So, while not feeling heavy duty, does it need to be heavy duty? And, it certainly did its job of making handling of the oven safe and cool.
    • d. Touch senor buttons – I’m generally ok with these as they are higher reliability components than mechanical switches and can be easily shaped into different configurations and to contour the device. But they do have a down side. I found the switches on the Hybrid to be VERY sensitive. It was real easy to brush the Air button and turn on the pump inadvertently. Also, mechanical switches can be often replaced by the home DIY person. No so with touch sensor switches. Finally, there is little to no tactile feedback which is an objection I have to my touch screen infected dashboard of my car! LOL

    4. Function and Performance

    • a. Conduction really works – I have had a Digit for about four years now, I think, and I do love it. However, even though I know that “green” is chlorophyll, it always bothered me to see the standard full convection Volcano Poo greenish AVB. I could easily see the difference in AVB with the added conduction of the Hybrid in the AVB color. AVB color was an even coffee brown and, right or wrong, this makes me feel more confident in having gotten full extraction. Also, the conduction portion was apparent to me at the end of a session. I have long noted that with many/most traditional conduction vapes, that at the end of the session you can get a goodly string of sort of wispy but “hard to just leave in there” kind of draws. I would see this as very apparent with an old Flowermate that I used to have. After pretty much killing the load, I would still get thin draw of visible vapor…a series of them….and I got a few of them at the end of the Hybrid session. Just what I would expect from hybrid convection/conduction.
    • b. Efficiency and Load Size – well, I guess that this part depends on your definition of efficiency. To me, a vape is very efficient if it extracts out and delivers a very high percentage of available cannabinoids, terps, flavonoids, and all the rest. Another way to look at efficiency…probably more commonly used by people…is did I get the effects I want from a fairly small load size. VapCap, MV1, or Grasshopper are examples. Well, the hybrid is a Volcano after all and micro-dosing is nowhere in its lexicon, IMO. Yes, they have a chamber reducer and capsules, but I personally have never felt that they worked very well with the Volcano and believe it works best in the native oven. You can top a smaller load in a Volcano with a liquid pad, but it’s still definitely not a micro-doser to my mind. This Volcano is like others, IMO. It runs best with probably a minimum of .25 g and runs very well with .4 g. But I do view this Hybrid as efficient and view it as more efficient than other versions as I believe it more fully extracts my flower due to the added conduction.
    • c. Taste – I only used the whip….I mean, I have a Digit and the bag system has been out for over 10 years. But the whip was new and I absolutely thought the taste from the whip on the first few hits was way better than bag vapor. I like bags…I’m into medicating and I want it done and done quickly. Thick bags support my use case very well. But, bag vapor tends to taste muddled to me. With the whip, the notes of the strain came out…again in those first few draws (max) as I feel that taste goes away very quickly no matter what vape I use. To me, taste was improved with the whip but its new and clean so that must be taken into account.
    • d. The Whip – I liked it. Manual says to run the air pump for 5 seconds to “prime” the load. I found this to be too long and a bit of a waste of vapor. I ran the fan for just a second or two until I saw vapor coming out of the whip then turned off the air and began drawing. I also used the whip with no blown air priming and it was fine. Taste and not much vapor on the first draw, then plenty of visible vapor on subsequent draws. I also like the fact that the whip is mounted so it rotates. Makes handling it very easy, IMO.

  • Volcano by Storz & Bickel

    Model: Volcano Vaporizer
    Variations: Classic, Digit, Hybrid
    Category: Desktop
    Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
    Where to buy: USA & EU dealers *see promo page for 15% off code

    Existing Volcano discussions you should check out:

    @VapeCritic's Volcano Vaporizer Review

    Post your own pics and reviews below if you have one of these bad boys!

  • Volcano High vs Mighty/ Crafty High

    @Baron23you use a volcano as well correct??

    i was wondering about this question the other day. a friend had a fun time with his buddies at a vape lounge and used a volcano for the first time... he's tried both my old crafty, and new Mighty. in his opinion, although he loves Mighty and wants one, the volcano was night and day for him. like it was hands down waaaay better.
    @VapeCritic is correct though, he obviously was ripping the volcano bags, while we sip on a Mighty...

    Its interesting, because many people i know who have used a volcano and tried my Crafty in the past for the first time, when i mention how its a S&B product and 'supposedly' it hits like a volcano... the response was always like 'yooooooo! it does hit like a volcano'!!!

    so i'm wondering. Is the volcano really on that next level?? i understand its the #1rated desktop
  • Volcano or Herbalizer?

    Not that I so much want an Herbalizer.. But I hear some places say that is an upgrade from a Volcano.. The only thing performance wise I hear that is much different outside of heat up time is that.. The volcano after 410-420 degrees the flavor takes a dip while the Herbalizer can heat on Max (446 i think) and flavor doesn't deteriorate. DOES anyone use either volcano or herbalizer on max temp setting??? IF so does your material come out black or almost black? I only have plenty/mighty.. I see when i use a dosing capsule in the mighty at 400 its looks dark brown to me almost black.. Anyways I just was looking into a Volcano for 420 and I saw herbalizer had a cheaper version which I believe doesn't have the inside tray and something called freestyle mode.. I still have time to decide, SO ANYONE out there with a volcano/herbalizer please chime in.. thanks happy new years~
    BTW You guys produced how to detect fake digit volcano to real ones? I just saw that other day lol
  • Volcano by Storz & Bickel

    Hey Blunt! Give me some credit. I have owned a Volcano Classic and Volcano Digit. I have an Extreme Q. It was a gift.

    Some of this is fact data some of this my opinion.

    Fact The Arizer Extreme Q hit 385 (F) in 45 seconds, while the Volcano took 3 and a half minutes.
    Fact The Arizer has a stronger fan and filled my balloon in a minute the Volcano DIgit 3 and a half minutes. Honest that waiting pissed me off. The extreme Q I would be on my third bag before the Volcano starts.

    Fact: The Extreme Q 3 speed adjustable fan.
    Fact: The Arizers Air Path is glass --- YUM

    Not proven yes but it looks to me that the Arizer Extreme Q is an advanced 100% Convection. The Volcano is a semi conduction.

    Fact: Price Makes ZERO Difference. I had both. I thought I must be crazy.

    In the end, Arizer is the Storz and Bickel of Canada.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Volcano by Storz & Bickel


    I love the passion we have like for S and B, and me the Arizer... its what makes this forum so effective.

    The Arizer Extreme Q vs. The S & B Volcano's.

    To 385 (F) The X Q 45 Seconds. Volcano classic 3 minutes and 32 seconds.
    3 variable speed fans? X Q !
    Size X Q about half the size
    Glasss...... Mmmmmmm another X Q
    Remote Control --- X Q baby
    Aroma Therapy.... X Q Baby....
    OH wow,,,IS the X Q Baby...
    What the F is that... Volcano
    1st Balloon -X Q 2 minutes and 10 seconds later.... I am hitting my Gorilla Glue -
    1st Balloon - 5 minutes....

    Louder than a helicopter - The Volcano (Like a Vaccuum)
    Quiet - The X Treme Q -

    Bring it you ... um Volcano lovers!

    I am getting a reputation of being an Anti Volcanic.

    Us Arizer Vape Lovers have rights too!!!!~~

    I have been bullied because I dont have a Volcano(LOL)

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Volcano High vs Mighty/ Crafty High

    HI Chandler - yes, I do have a Volcano Digit and prize it very much.

    However, I generally DON'T think of the Volcano as a 'heavy hitter'...ala' vape version of a bong unless you are will to drive it at some pretty high temps, IMO.

    I have often thought this was due to the fan and the volume of air pumped through which would dillute the vapor compared to hitting a Grasshopper, for example, natively.

    But every time I think my Volcano is my 'old man' vape, I break it out, load a herb/concentrate sandwich in a dosing capsule in the reduced chamber and extract at 440 F.......and end up in a different dimension! LOL

    This think about vape signatures is very hard to be definitive about. However, wrt my two S&B devices (Volcano and Mighty), I do agree with you and your friends, there is something very similar and familiar with the vapor from both of these units. Its like the S&B signature. The AVB, the smoothness, the overall effects seem very similar to me.

    I do love my Volcano and even though I have been using the EVO and Enano a bit more lately, I don't see myself selling or giving it away. I also adore my Mighty, extraction is wonderful and my AVB is very evenly browned.

    I'm not sure I was at all helpful, but in my limited experience....yes, S&B vapes seem to share some common characteristics in their vape signature even though the designs are very different.

  • Volcano High vs Mighty/ Crafty High

    I get more high with the Volcano. It would be interesting to know , how much more (if at all) I am consuming by taking down a few bags vs. The Mighty. Also when I am using the Mighty it is for a few quick puffs and when I bust out the volcano it is some serious business. I think a more even comparison would be a good test. one bag from the volcano at 380-390 and then do the same for the Mighty with how many rips you get out of your volcano bag.
  • Volcano or Herbalizer?

    Yeah the Volcano bag set up is much nicer and the volcano fills much faster. Since the herbie has such an intricate heating system with the halogen bulb etc. It cannot have a fan as high powered as the volcano. You can always use the volcano bags to refit the herbie bag set up. Also the herb chamber on the herbie is only slightly larger than the Mighty. You can actually use your S&B dosing capsules in the Herbie bowl.
  • Volcano by Storz & Bickel

    I want to again be VERY clear right up front that these are just my thoughts, no more, and in posting them I am NOT trying to check, correct, or contradict anyone. Just my thoughts on the matter.

    But, just a few thoughts after seeing Troy's review and Bud's aborted Volcano Hybrid LS testing....just some initial thoughts I had:

    1. Everybody has DOAs (dead on arrival, yeah?). Even for electronic equipment with costs orders of magnitude higher than any vape, and with reliability test programs that pretty much no vape company can afford, there are still going to be DOAs. I mean, that is why there is, particularly on high rel critical systems (read lots of $$), reliability engineering in the design phase, parts screening for rel, subsystem and system level burn-in testing with environmental/electrical stress, etc, etc. Even on these kinds of items, there are still DOAs. I worked in high tech/high rel electronic industries for a very long time and despite everything we did, there still slipped through the occasional DOA. To the extent that it was a specific review item in Ops Reviews with our customers.

    2. With that said, we don't know if it a failure of the Volcano itself or just a bad power cord...which I feel certain is a purchased item by S&B.

    3. I don't own a Plenty but I have read a number of complaints from people about the orange tabs on their chamber breaking off. And of course the Mighty/Crafty cooling fins and CU attachment points. So, hard plastic tends to be brittle plastic and there may indeed be a good reason for the new orange plastic to be flexible. Better to flex than to break. Or, they could have just gone all El Cheapo on us? TBD.

    3. The older Easy Valve chamber was some sort of hard black plastic that almost feels like old Bakelite (might even be some sort of resin plastic). It is very durable from my experience, but also gets damn hot. With the "hybrid" heating (actual benefit of this is yet to be determined by popular acclaim), they put a metal ring at the top of the unit to purposefully increase the transfer of heat to the metal of the chamber. It appears logical that this would, in turn, require a different design that insulates the users fingers from the central hot oven...hence the orange plastic ring. Maybe??

    4. hahaha...just a little bit of chain yanking on @vapecritic ...LOL. Bud, none of the Volcano versions have an ON/OFF button. They have, exactly as the Hybrid, HEAT and AIR buttons. So, to see temp and basically turn it on, are to tap the HEAT button (if the fucking thing ever worked! haha).

    5. I don't care for the change in button design. I rather liked the Classics toggle switches and repair parts for this are easily available. I don't mind the momentary action switches of the Digit. Replacement parts for them can also be easily sourced, I believe. With these tactile touch buttons....I would bet that they are integral to the electronics board or are on a seperate flex board (yeah, and probably cheaper to do it that way) and I suspect that repairing your buttons DIY is over.

    6. $700 is outrageous. There really isn't anything in the new model to drive the cost up...and certainly nothing in there to drive the price up that much. I suspect that @econman would point out that price is elastic with, if lots of people really, really, love it...then a high price will be supported. I suspect this price to go down rather quickly. I may well be wrong, but I have a hard time seeing too many people shelling out $700 for a vape. It was hard enough of a choice to buy one for $500 (Digit). Enthusiasts like we see on the boards (like us) are one thing, the market in general is another. I guess we will have to wait and see but for me the incremental improvements (or touted improvements) are certainly not enough for me to sell my Digit and buy a $700 Volcano (particularly since I'm not really a fan of whips).

    7. Now for some more pure speculation. If I was Canopy and just bought S&B, and I looked at their aging product line and lack of new product for quite some time, I too would want something quickly released to create a splash, bolster sales, and generate some hum. So, that's a version update of an existing vape. Hopefully this is what they did and in the background they have launched a true new vape R&D effort with a longer runway. But only time will tell. If they are not working on a new vape at all....well, I think that will undermine their sales and market long term and piss off their supporters (well, those who aren't already pissed off! LOL)

  • Volcano Hybrid Review w/ Classic Comparison

    HI Bud!! Now you know I'm a bit of a traditionalist so I really like your more formal reviews, rather like this one. They are what got me started vaping, brought me to here, and I continue to like that format, content, and presentation.

    So, yep...thanks, I really liked this review. :up: :100:

    Couple of questions/comments:

    1. What did you find out about your BT connection issues? Was is the age of the OS on your phone or?? And I see in the review you had the app on a tablet, maybe? iOS or Android?

    2. In your first review...well, sort of review (!! haha) were annoyed by the unit cycling the fan as an aural indication (like a hepatic feedback sort of intent). I think Troy chatted that this is controlled by the app. Did you find it and disable it as I noticed it not present in this review (well, that my deaf old ass could hear, at least).

    3. Bag replacement.....there is a difference in assembly technique if you want to replace the bag on the valve with the new unit. Looks like some sort of collar to hold the bag on. Have you tried this at all? Good feature or not? Easy to use or not?

    4. Bag Material - The crinkly bag doesn't bother me personally, but I know it does others. My question about bag material, however, goes to cost. Turkey bag material....and some people use actual, from the grocery store, roasting bags to save cheap. I would think that some other heat and chemical resistant, food quality material, may well cost more. Would it be worth it to you to spend more $$ to have a silent bag material?

    4. I see you used the whip both with and without the fan running. Any preference?

    5. I have never handled a Hybrid. I have a Digit. But I hear you on the quality of the orange plastic chamber ring and it being flexible. I believe that it is built the way it is (that is, a ring held off from the chamber by small spokes) to insulate it from what should be a hotter chamber with the conduction. So, two questions: 1) does it indeed stay cool? and; 2) do you think the flexibility might be an improvement as rigid plastic is also brittle plastic and people have had issues with cooling fins, Plenty chamber hold down tabs, Mighty CU tabs, etc snapping off because they are brittle.

    6. I hear you about the mechanical switches on the Analog vs the touch sensor type switches which are no doubt surface mounted on the main board or a flex board that also has the display. To me, this is less a reliability issue (as mech switches do indeed generally tend to have lower reliability that touch sensors due to moving parts) than a maintainability/repairability issue. There are YouTube vids and articles out there showing people what part to order and how to replace a broken mechanical switch to fix their Classics. Never going to happen with this touch sensor, IMO. To me, that's the biggie cause shit does break...eventually...always....and there is no way people will be able to repair these touch sensors. Any thoughts

    7. My first thought when I heard that S&B were releasing a small incremental improvement version of the Volcano...after the Canopy purchase....was "this is rather expected". That is, this is very low hanging fruit that is quick and easy to pick versus a true R&D effort for a truly new vape. This is how to make a small splash in the market (remembering that S&B hasn't release really anything in years) quickly. But like yourself, I would be terribly disappointing to see them not pursue a true R&D effort leading to a truly new device. We will just have to wait and see. I'm not that disappointed by this hybrid's release and it sort of does fit my experience with corporate product management thinking. But they only get one dip in that particular well from me and I will also throw my hands up if they do the same "small incremental improvements" to their other vapes instead of something truly ground breaking.

    8. I'm not clear though, on what you (or me) would really like to see in a true replacement of the Volcano?

    - Smaller? Well, yeah except that one of the things I do so much like about the Volcano is that giant ass aluminum heat sink in there that keeps the thing rock solid throughout your session.

    - Air pump noise - well, yeah....its a bit annoying, I agree. But what would they do...stuff sound insulation in there? But then things get hot in there (like the heat sink) and people would be questioning material safety, insulation out-gassing, etc. I kind of see a point in not stuffing it full of sound insulation.

    - Taste - I get it that both the Classic and the Hybrid would taste pretty much identically. I mean, its the same, rather clean, full convection, vapor path. What would you like to see that may improve the taste?

    9. Just a suggestion, may want to add to your comparative review the difference in heat up times (or did I just miss this)

    9. Cost - man, I'm with you. I just don't see how they can justify this price increase. My Digit was, I believe, $550, but that came with free overnight shipping, a grinder, and a big carrying bag with foam inserts just for the Volcano. I just don't see justification for the price increase and I have no incentive that I can see for selling my Digit to get a Hybrid. The price increase is a fail, to me.

    Thanks for the review. I don't think anybody can touch your formal reviews....they are excellent.
  • Volcano by Storz & Bickel

    Its just as i thought the first time they showed the upgrades. Dont get me wrong volcanos any version are bombass vapes. However the price is a damn joke. I can buy a vape for half the price that is more efficient and taste better. Again i love my volcano but not worth the money. The fact its not much better and even more expensive is bs. Also for that price it leaks vapor via 420 vapezone even said so and randomly has the fan activate happend to bud and troy ........ And...... App is a pain in the ass for troy as well as bud..... Come on if it was 200 maybe ok but for 700 its laughable to me to have so many problems. For a 700 price tag its a joke. I love troy and sneakypete but to say its worth the money is just a lie. Again great vape if it was half the price. 700 jajajajajajaja. If i didnt own a volcano and bought a new one yes get the hybrid but if u have volcano any version..... Nope nope nope.
  • Volcano Digital review

    Hi all,
    I know this topic has probably been beaten like a dead horse, but here is my take on the volcano digit.
    I have been vaping for many years now and have tried my share of vapes.

    The volcano is no secret to anyone in the vape game.
    It has been (and continues to be) the industry benchmark for desktop Vaporizers for some ~10 years, and with good reason!
    It uses convection (hot air) to inflate a balloon with pure vapor, and then you inhale the vapor from the balloon at you leisure.
    This allows you to walk around with the bag and easily pass it amongst friends, without being tethered to a wall outlet.

    The flavour and efficiency is phenomenal.
    It probably works best with the bottom screen filled, so I'm guestimating 0.15. Although I have been able to use it with smaller amounts very successful. But it really shines with larger amounts and is the ultimate group party vape. Sometimes I fill one bag whilst another is being passed around.

    You always get consistent results every single time, which you certainly can't say for other Vaporizers. The volcano works perfectly every single time, no secret pack techniques or draw method.

    For dry herb it can't be beat IMHO.

    The quality of the device is second to none, some of my friends have owned their classic models for 6+ years! The EVO cloud is nice but there have been lots of issues with them reported and even my friends unit, so I didn't take the risk.

    It truly is the Gold standard in my opinion
    Have to agree with vape critic - Bud.. . 9.5/10
  • Volcano bag replacement/cleaning

    The fine grind, full pack, tamped down load is mainly for conduction vapes....NOT the Volcano.

    For the Volcano, as a pure convection vape, you do want medium to fine grind IMO (provides more surface area for hot air to reach and extract) and definitely want a lot of room left in the chamber to allow air to fluff up the load and extract. I generally put about.2 grams for myself and if I don't finish the load, I put the chamber on the shelf for the next session without worry. I have run with .35 grams or so and believe that .5 grams would be just as fine but I tend not to run large loads so I haven't really explored that corner of the Volcano's performance envelope.

    I have used the liquid pad on top of .1 gram loads and it was ok, but not necessary IMO experience but try it. Put your small load in the chamber and just pop the liquid pad on top, put on the chamber top, and extract. You will see first hand if you like it better that way or not. I tend to not use a pad as its not necessary. I believe a pad is more necessary with the Plenty as when in use the chamber is sideways and a small load will fall to the bottom but I don't have a Plenty so this is just what I have heard.

    As for ISO, I'm with Beamer....its Canada...not Rangoon (hell, they probably have 99% ISO in Rangoon). Get on Google and start looking around. Do you have CVS pharmacies up there? They carry 99% ISO also and I'm sure any medical pharmacy would be able to provide it to you (or get it if they don't stock it). Don't make a big deal out of it...if you seek, you shall find. >:O
  • Volcano High vs Mighty/ Crafty High

    I'm with Sue. I hope you get a chance to try one.

    When I mentioned 440 F degrees, I would like to be more clear about how I use the Volcano.

    Generally, I run at 385. That's a temp that I seem to like in general for a wide variety of vapes. I have run the Cano at 355 - 365 and its lovely and gentle. I tend to run a bit cooler when vaping while doing something else...e.g. Friday evening, drinking a scotch, some friends over for some grilled steaks. I tend to run the Volcano at 365 as we want to sip it as the night is young and getting too blown out to eat is not the objective! LOL

    But for me alone for my medical dose before bed, 385 generally. I don't often temp step up as I have done this in the past and while I have gotten more vapor boosting to a higher temp (i.e. 420-ish) once it starts to get a bit whispy, I'm really not sure its worth it.

    Now, reduced chamber with dosing capsule....and in particular with an herb/concentrate sandwich load, I crank that sucker up to 420-440 and the vapor is as dense and chewy as from just about any other device I have used so far.

    Like Sue, there are some other vapes I enjoy in the rotation, but I will not sell my still surprises me with just how damn good it is.
  • Volcano vs. Plenty - Extended Review & Comparison

    @VapeCritic - Hi Bud - I couldn't find this vid comparison on your Vape Critic site.


    I looked for it in the Comparisons area...did I overlook it?

    @VapeCritic- Hi Bud, just a little P.S. I just watched the vid....great stamina mate. I run Volcano bags like that last one and don't know if I would be coherent doing so right after that Plenty load! LOL

    Just a quick additional comment on differences between Volcano Classic and Digit. I have the Digit and I'm very happy with it. But the Digit has an auto-shut off timer (one hour I think) where the Classic does not and that becomes a bit of a PIA at times. The other is the Classic has rocker switches while the Digit has momentary on/off switches. I'm sure that this is because it is indeed a digital on/off signal to the guts of this thing, but I tend to think of a simple rocker switch as just being more robust....and certainly more simple (did I say simple enough times yet! LOL).

    As a note though, my Digit has not had even a whiff of reliability issues. Its a rock.

    Also, maybe just missed it but I don't think you mentioned that the Volcano also has a reduced chamber for use with dosing capsules. Personally, I only use them for herb/concentrate sandwiches as I prefer the function in the native oven, but these dosing capsules can be VERY handy for people with movement or dexterity issues who have a care giver to pre-fill titrated doses. Not my use case, but I imagine they are a life saver for some MMJ patients.

    Thanks for the vid! :D (Y)
  • Volcano or Plenty? Or Neither?

    I didnt like my Volcano back years ago when i 1st bought 1. Sold it. Wasnt a similar experience for me as smoking back then. Didn't get into the loud bag filling system. And me personally didn't always have high quality herbs so the Volcano seemed airy to me. In the end, i sold after about 3 months of use. Now, im bout to get the MV1 when my turn comes around. It suppose to better mostly all around then the volcano and plenty to my understanding.
  • Volcano or Plenty? Or Neither?

    I appreciate all your feedback! I was in class so I'm sorry for the late reply.

    I've thought long and hard about the Mighty. So I appreciate you clarifying that the Crafty was the culprit of the RMAs. If it's improved that much then I'll go ahead and put it in my list of vapes I'm considering. But what about the warranty and customer service? It's probably due to Pax owners being spoiled with a 10 year warranty, but when I see the Mighty only having a 2 year I kind of got bummed out. Personally, 3 years is my minimum.

    My main gripe with choosing between the Mighty and Plenty is that the Mighty is $100 more and I just can't seem to justify that. It's a little more annoying to clean from the videos I've seen, it's completely made of plastic (yes i know it's medical grade) and it's batteries are bound to die eventually.
    Unless the Mighty undoubtedly outperforms the Plenty, I don't think I'll be able to justify the extra cash.

    The only thing making me consider the Mighty is puffitup and the accessories it comes with (glass adapter and mighty stand). Other than that I've been gravitating toward the Plenty and Volcano.

    As for efficiency, I know the Volcano and Plenty have huge chambers but I thought there were ways to use less trees? Like using the liquid pad to cover the flower? As long as I can vape 0.3 or less without any issues, I'm sold. I think that's how much I pack in a Pax? Correct me if its more/less.
    And aren't there also the Chamber Reducers and dosing capsules? Are those lame or are they just bad for performance?

    I'm also very interested in the EVO but what made me turn away was the glassware. I know that without the glass, I wouldn't be satisfied lol. And that glass brings it up to Volcano pricing and then I'd have to decide between them haha.

    I apologize for my indecisiveness. I'm just hesitant to go in without feeling secure about the product. I want to spend my money on something that will last me a long while, and even if it does have a hiccup I know the customer service will back me up or do their best to do so.

    Thanks again!

    Edit: I didn't like the italics. I really am indecisive
  • Volcano or Plenty? Or Neither?

    I find the Volcano gets me harder if I am using it by myself. I don't like the dosing capsules so just fill the thing up and have 3 bags and I am on cloud 9. With the Plenty I would take hits until I am satisfied and then put it away.

    Plenty is going to give off thicker vapor because you are drawing it up with your breath. The Volcano is forcing more air through it so the vapor won't be as thick.

    I think the thing with an everyday driver is going to be how you get accustomed to it. Switching it up always gets me more high.

    The issue with both these vaporizers is the set up time. I think the Volcano makes more sense as you can have it as a center piece where it looks normal sitting on a coffee table in the living room.
  • Volcano or Flowerpot or Cloud Evo?

    I own a Volcano and an Evo...if I had to choose it would be the evo. Volcano is too dry and flavor to me is nothing near the Evo.

    Evo you can preload small baskets and always have tasty hits. I use the Lynx Whip Kit. Add a just enough moisture while you draw a super smooth and tasty hit.

    Volcano is great because it is efficient and 1 bowl last a long time. Easy to share. Easy to use.
  • Volcano or Flowerpot or Cloud Evo?

    I get it. I too came from bonging combustion. As a drummer, I can't tell you which pair of drumsticks is best, I can only tell you what I like and dislike within the music I like to play, and why. Likewise, as a vaper, it is impossible to say "which is best". That disclaimer aside, as a pure desktop that is pretty portable and can be thrown in a small bag to take to a friend's.... I really LOVE mine. I like it better than the Volcano, which I use one or twice a month. Basically, the Plenty is a Volcano "heat engine" with the air pump now being your lungs. If you want to rip a magahit, you can. I've proven to many-a-doubting-friend that a rip on the Plenty is a Bellringer. It competes with bong hits in intensity, yet no combustion bong hit ever obtained the wonderful taste it does. I just love it. Easiest thing to clean. Rigorous cleaning takes 5 minutes, something I do about probably every 20 sessions or one per month. It's only low score in my judgement is its relative inefficiency, very important to some.

    They all smoke blunts, jays, and bong hitsJMH
    I know this crowd well. I was a founding member :)

    If they like blunts, jays, and bong hits I could not possibly believe they would not like a StickyBrick. One of, if not *the*, closest to combustion without combusting (well, if you're a risk-lover like me you WILL combust occasionally -- torch technique -- but that's part of the allure and absolute fun). Once you "get it", "getting it" again becomes second nature. The other day while working I didn't even realize... I loaded and used my StickyBrick Jr..... The CEO noticed I did it sort of automatically, and asked if I realized I just took a massive hit... I replied..."yeah, not that you mention it".

    Regardless, I wish you well. I'm eager and happy to answer questions about my vapes, just as others have answered mine. My vape equipment is Plenty, Volcano, FireFly2, StickyBrick Jr with bubbler, Stiiizy (only carts I'll use) and I just ordered an Omni Titanium XL ... @VapeCritic seems to use them often on live feeds, which is revealing, and so it was time. FYI. They are having a special. Buy a Omni Titanium and get a "M" for $20. Use Bud's code, "STAYUP", and get included shipping.

    My next vape will be most likely an MV1.. I like the idea of it and that @VapeCritic recommends it. He hasn't failed me yet :)
  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco

    Since I got a volcano 2 weeks ago.... I've used it twice. It's nice to have I guess. My volcano is always loaded so it's kind of cool i can just flip the switch and have a bag filled within 5 minutes. I've learned the quality of vapor from storz and bickel is good but not as good as some of my other devices. Unless this thing is tottally different , I won't be purchasing it.

    Mighty plenty and volcano are the devices I own. None of them get used
  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco

    So, not to be argumentative with @vapecritic who is my dear friend and who I respect immensely. But, that does not mean that we always agree on everything.

    To me, the Volcano is like my Braun coffee maker. I have owned Braun coffee makers for some number of decades, replacing one with another newer model when the old one burnt out or just got to groody.

    They are all slightly different, but the basic function and process is the same. Heat water, drip it over grinds, coffee comes out the other end. Yes, they add Auto-off and Auto-on functions, you can pull the carafe out with the coffee still brewing and it won't spill, LED displays, whatever. But these are all, to me, just bells and whistles. Nice to have, not critical to base function.

    I sort of see the Volcano in that light. Base function is to heat air, pump it at a fixed speed through a load, and capture the vapor on the other end in a bag. It does that wonderfully, IMO.

    Bud mentioned a possible improvement being variable vapor density. But, IMO this is easily achieved via temp control. I run my Digit max'd out at 446F and the vapor is dense to the point I wouldn't want it any thicker (choke out on it) and I tend to like hard hitting dense vapor.

    Another thought is improving efficiency. Its one knock on the takes a goodly amount of herb to get best performance. Not sure exactly how that can be achieved but that is one area for improvement. Of course, with falling MJ prices, this may not be important to some others.

    Just me...I don't use my Cano daily...but I probably run it once a week. Its great on those nights when I just don't feel like fucking with anything complex and just want a quick bag or two for pain and sleep. For that, its a wonderful device. Easy to set up, super easy to use, no muss, no fuss.

    I would be interested in Bud's and others view of what would constitute an real improvement. Heat up time was slow, but its now down to 40 seconds which is pretty acceptable to me given that big ass heat sink that's in there (and hopefully still in there).

    So, what do you think....what substantive improvements did you want to see in a Cano?

  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco

    Oh man, now I feel so guilty for " throwing the stone and hiding the hand" on the Cano livechat discussion :fear:
    Yeah I know replied because he wanted, nobody made him talk and he disagrees @VapeCritic for his own reasons as he stated right above this comment, but I still feel like I rekindled with the spark of the doubt.
    Specially considering I have never tried ever a Volcano, none of 'em :down:

    I am totally agree with Baron on this subject tho, because I have yet to see a better refference on the vaping world when considering a high standard quality from any gurú I've met so far.

    IMHO there's no way anyone should be comparing the "upgrades" to the FF2+ to the ones on the Volcano Hybrid. There are some changes that make me believe there will be some different taste and behaviour compared to the old units. Not that it implies those differences will be huge or tiny, nor better or worst. Not that everyone or even anyone could taste the different either but definitely worth the comparison test.

    Talking about vapor density, would not only temp but speed fan could change that? Am I missunderstanding that there were a fan speed control now in this updated volcano? Not only that but also the fact that "they say" now there will be a conduction effect going too (more potent like a Plenty? :roll: ) Isn't that an improvement you were looking for, Bud?

    About efficiency, having the "same" bowl as the plenty wouldn't allow it to use those dosing capsules? That would mean you could efficiently vape little amounts of herb. Right??

    I was in a blank state at the time of streaming on pointing out any possible improvement. But if I could chose (and of course if it's viable) I would make the mobile app able to control the amount of conduction going on on a session (or even in real time) so you could chose between:
    "Pure" hits vs "Power" hits.
    "On demand" hits (with the whip) vs "Session" hits

    While we think about that let's wait and see how Bud reacts after his:
  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco

    high folks,

    i was about to buy the plenty and saw the new volcano. I have the crafty and a mighty but would like something with a bigger chamber for special occasions.

    Im not interested in the balloon system of the volcano i would only use the whip. Im indecisive because i would like something future proof and a step up from the mighty but im not sure if the volcano hybrid is 400€ better than the plenty. @chronic pain you are one the few people owning both devices. You like the plenty more?
  • Volcano by Storz & Bickel

    I use my volcano like an overdoser .if i want to use a lot in 10minutes like 0.7 to 1.0g i go volcano. This big bowls are so strong that i have to use like 4 and a half on the volcano classic dial..normaly i would go 5 or 6 for reason to use vapes is that i am sleepless.0,7 heavy indica in my classic sends me to sleep in short time.

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